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Cambridge International Primary Programme


Primary curriculum framework

The Cambridge Primary curriculum framework identifies a comprehensive set of learning objectives for English, Mathematics and Science for each year of primary education, which:

  • provide a natural progression through the six years of primary education
  • provide a valuable structure that focuses on what children should be able to do at each of the primary stages

Download the Cambridge Primary curriculum framework

Published support resources

Teaching and learning resources

CIE has worked with leading educational publishers to provide recommendations for published resources for use with Cambridge Primary. We aim to determine those materials that best reflect the content of the primary curriculum for English, Mathematics and Science. The recommended teaching schemes were identified through a process of content mapping, quality assurance and feedback from trial schools. The materials provide a variety of printed and electronic resources for both learners and teachers.

Teaching schemes endorsed by CIE

Science scheme

  • Explore Science International Edition published by Heinemann

Teaching schemes recommended by CIE

English schemes

  • Oxford Reading Tree published by Oxford University Press
    (reading scheme for Stages 1 and 2)
  • Quest published by Oxford University Press
    (language scheme for Stages 3 to 6)

Mathematics scheme

  • New Heinemann Maths published by Heinemann

Mapping documents to link each of these schemes with the Cambridge Primary Curriculum Framework are available on the Cambridge Primary teacher support website.

Download further recommended resources

Cambridge Primary teacher support website

Registered schools will have free and unlimited access to the Cambridge Primary teacher support website. The site contains administration and support resources, including schemes of work for each part of Cambridge Primary. News and information on primary events and training also are provided. Cambridge Primary registration includes one year's subscription to an online training course. The course enables an unlimited number of teachers within the school to learn at their own pace over the first year, and covers essential teaching skills. Teachers are encouraged to reflect on their own teaching experience and required to carry out activities.

A suite of support materials is available on the website to help teachers plan and deliver the course. Because we work closely with publishing partners and curriculum providers, CIE can recommend textbooks, workbooks and other teaching resources that closely match the learning outcomes of the Cambridge Primary curriculum framework. These resources can be purchased separately and mapping documents are available to show how the resources support teaching.

Cambridge teacher training

Cambridge teacher training events include a range of face-to-face and online subject-specific training courses. Cambridge offers introductory, intermediate and advanced training courses enabling teachers to select courses which best suit their own learning level and school timetable.

In addition, Cambridge offers Professional Development Qualifications for Cambridge teachers, enabling teaching professionals to develop their skills even further by improving the quality of their teaching and learning.

Information for parents

The following fact sheets can be reproduced to provide information for parents. The context is the same on both, but one is black and white for ease of reproduction.


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