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Open Educational Resources (OER) in a global world

Open Educational Resources (OER) in a global world

Gathering the Evidence: The Use, Adoption and Development of Open Educational Resources in AustraliaDOCX
David Bull
Development of open content and OER repository: Assuring the quality through collaboration with academic communityDOC
Tsuneo Yamada, Tatsuhiko Kawashima, Seiji Utsumi, Sumiko Ogawa, Yasuhide Nakamura, Yosuke Morimoto
Borderless Content: The Adventure of the Copyleft ResourceDOC
Juvy Lizette Marcos Gervacio
Chemistry course for radiochemistry engineers on the platform Moodle: a support to self-education for undergraduate studentsDOC
Developing web-based integrated educational resources based on a multi-generational model to provide open educational resources (OERs) for learnersPDF
Development and Evaluation of Internet-Based Instructional Design Assistance for Print-Based Self-Learning MaterialsDOC
Ahmad H Mohamad
Development of training in entrepreneurship skills for use in formal and non-formal educational settingsDOCX
Jos Rikers, Judith Pete, Henk van den Brink
Integrating Open Educational Resources in Situated Learning Design for Professional EducationDOC
Mohan Menon
OER - Open Educational Resources. A national project in SwedenDOCX
Ebba S I Ossiannilsson
OER Utilization and Needs Analysis for Distance Education Teachers in China: A Survey ReportPDF
Qing Chen
Open Educational Resources: Evidence from non-English speaking countriesPDF
Dendev Badarch
Open Educational Resources: Students’ Perspectives in an International Learning EnvironmentDOCX
Muharrem Yilmaz
The Use Open Educational Resources (OERs) to support the Quality of Learning TeachersDOC
Heni Safitri
Prospects and Challenges of the Introduction of Open Educational Resources in Indonesia
Daryono Daryono, Udan Kusmawan, Olivia Idrus


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