Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

Open and Distance learning in a changing world part I

ODL in a changing world

The Relationship between influencing Factors and the Implementation of Early Intervention Programme: The Possibility of Open Distance LearningPDF
Rahil Mahyuddin
A Portrait of Distance Learners in Beijing Open UniversityPDF
bingshan yin
Communication training in virtual worldsPDF
Claire Englund
Developing E-Learning Competencies for Tertiary EducationPDF
Noor Azliza Zainal Abidin
Development of faboodle to Interact on moodle through facebookDOCX
Ishan Sudeera Abeywardena
Economics of eLearning for the Indonesian Maritime Education and Training SectorDOC
Alexander Gonzalez Flor
Evaluation of students electronically in an open and distance learning Institution: National Open University of Nigeria as case studyPDF
Omotayo Tekaron Abisoye
Enhancing Elementary Teachers’ Academic Qualification through Distance Teacher Education: Experience of Universitas Terbuka, IndonesiaDOC
Ucu Rahayu
ICT Application in ODL of KNOUDOC
Taerim LEE
Implementation of Augmented Reality Technology for Chemistry LearningPDF
Anita Suhendro
Implementation of Electronics Principles course Module in a Virtual Learning EnvironmentPDF
Ghanshyam Kumar Singh
Liberal Arts Education at Open and Distance Learning Institutions: What Does It Matter?DOC
Atsushi Iguchi
Portrait Of Information Literacy Skills Of Kindergarten Teachers In IndonesiaDOC
Sri Tatminingsih, Denny Setiawan

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